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Beano Week

In Class Three, we all LOVE reading the Beano so we were very excited that this was the text of choice for our whole school 'Take One Book' week!

We started off our week's activities by looking through some Beano comics to find examples of onomatopoeias and choosing our favourite one. We then used this to create a piece of 3D pop art using the Beano colours of red, black, white and yellow as well as some pages from old comics. 

Next, we created our own stop animation comic strips of Dennis and Gnasher discussing pranks they could play on their headteacher, which got us thinking about planning some of our own! We used a template on Google Docs to each create our own instructions for a prank we would like to play, using our work on computing to help us combine text and pictures, as well as manipulating fonts and background colours. 
When Mr Plunkett was out, we set up some pranks in his office ready for when he came back. He was very surprised!!
Finally, to finish off our week of fun and pranks we had a Dennis the Menace themed PE lesson complete with water balloons!