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Wymondley Recovery Curriculum 

September 2020


We have been thinking about what September might look like, how our pupils and staff might be feeling and what the curriculum should look like at Wymondley. We continue to believe that most children will return to us with the same levels  of excitement around learning and school life that they had previously and that the time away will not impact on their educational futures. However, we recognise that for some pupils this time away and the anxiety and isolation linked to this, alongside other potential issues, may have contributed to an increase in mental health difficulties, trauma and bereavement. Whether intentional or not, our pupils are likely to have been exposed to adults who are feeling anxious, who may have acted in a manner different to usual, or who have taken on different roles to normal. Additionally, pupils will be returning to a new year group, some in a new classroom and with a new teacher as well and all with a new class team. They will be experiencing a new routine and new expectations having not had the transitional opportunities that they have been used to in previous years.


With all of this in mind, we will be applying the following strategies in the following key areas, in appropriate ways for each age phase across the school, to support all children in having a successful reintroduction to learning at Wymondley.

Remote Learning at Wymondley


Our Remote Learning is delivered mainly through the Google Classroom, or Tapestry if your child is in Reception. We ask that for each day of school closure or self-isolation that your child logs in to the relevant platform to view their remote learning timetable and to access their learning tasks for the day. Your child's remote learning will involve use of Reading Eggs, Doodle Maths, and Spelling Shed appropriate for their year group.


In the event of school closure, weekly Year group Google Meets will once again be hosted by Mr Plunkett every week for every child to attend if they so wish. Timings will again be posted on your child's Google Classroom page. As a school we will once again be in contact with the parents of our vulnerable children and maintain contact on a regular basis. Class teachers will, once again, be contactable through your child's Google Classroom page to assist with any remote learning questions or queries. We will be happy to assist with any other questions you have and will be contactable through the school office at 


Reminders about your child's login details for any of these platforms can be obtained by emailing the school office and paper copies of all printable tasks can be requested through emailing the school office as well. Where a task is not printable, we will source an alternative piece of work that can be printed and let you know when it is ready to be collected from the school site.


Further and more generalised home learning resources, in addition to our specific platforms, are also available the Oak National Academy, Invicta National Academy and BBC Bitesize.


Further information on our school remote learning offer can be found in our Remote Learning Policy and further information for parents regarding our remote education offer can be found by clicking here. To access the page on our website dedicated to Remote Learning and to view the resources stored there please click here.

Catch-Up Strategy

Details of our Catch-Up strategy are contained below and will be adjusted to meet the specific needs of our children throughout the term ahead.