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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4!

Class Teacher:  Miss Chiddy
Teaching Assistant:  Mrs Nowland



Crucial Crew


Kingswood 2018


A great start to the week! All arrived safely with bouldering, aeroball and a night walk to start us off. Kids are in dorms settling in to new surroundings and already saying how tired they are but ready for a fun filled day tomorrow. 


A second fantastic day draws to an end... Mr Plunkett joined us today (not just for the football!). Groups have taken part in a whole range of activities, including firelighting, shelter building, abseiling and high ropes. There were many height worries conquered and we are very proud of all the kids for the perseverance shown throughout the day. We are finishing with some mini Olympics followed by hot choc before bed. 


Rocket bottles to start and a disco to finish - what packed day! This morning started with staff having to wake up the rooms after a peaceful night for all! We have enjoyed the sunshine and made the most of today's activities which included bottle rockets, outdoor laser, Jacob's ladder, frisbee golf, nightline and buggy building. We have realised that our aim of 'teamwork' was definitely an area for improvement and build up this skill throughout our stay. There were some impressive dance moves this evening (not just Mrs B and Mrs Taylor's seated YMCA). All in bed now ready for our last full day tomorrow. 


Our last full day! Starting off with breakfast, we now realise how much more food is needed to keep us going throughout the day - the toast machine is a favourite in the morning! Today brought us buggy building, high equilibrium, abseiling, obstacle challenge and construct - a longer session during which we made our own low ropes courses. We finished off with a quiz - winning team announced in the morning... All ready all bed now with mixed feelings of sadness at one more sleep and no more challenging activities, and excitement at seeing parents (they have missed you!). We have our beachbadventure in the morning which will be a lovely way totend our stay. See you all tomorrow!


Our last day... We had a beach adventure! Some 'dipped' their toes, some played football, others build sandcastles and moats. They all had a great time. We are very proud of the way Class 4 have behaved this week; we had lots of comments from instructors about what a lovely group they were (obviously!) Thank you to Mrs B and Mrs Taylor for giving up so much of their time to come with us. We are now on the way back so will see you all very soon!
K'nex Challenge 2018
This week, Class 4 took part in the k'nex challenge run by Setpoint, who aim to inspire young people in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Our challenge this year was to build a crane which could lift a heavy load from a driveway. After looking at various crane designs, we planned our build in teams. Then we had one hour to complete the build before the judging took place. Our winning team was Axel, Brennon and Thomas who built a crane which lifted a load with a lever mechanism. All the groups showed great teamwork throughout the morning and there were some interesting ideas that came to life. 

Chinese New Year 


As part of our Chinese New Year celebrations, as well as our Shang Dynasty topic, Class 4 have been making Chinese paper lanterns. We used traditional Chinese designs and some Chinese symbols. 

Greek Myth Writing Workshop

Today, Class 4 took part in a workshop. We got to wear a helmet and hold a heavy shield and spear. Then Kas told us the story of Arachne from memory. We each made a story board of a myth. Finally, we published them. 



On Wednesday 20th September, Class 4 took part in the NHSSP Paralympic Legacy event at Knights Templar School. They represented the school brilliantly and showed the values of the event (excellence, friendship, respect) throughout. 



2016 - 2017 K'nex Challenge


This week, Class 4 had took part in an exciting K'nex challenge. The aim of the K’nex Challenge is to provide primary school children with an introduction to the exciting world of engineering and technology in a fun and educational way. The challenge encourages the pupils to develop and demonstrate their problem solving skills, their imagination, creativity and ingenuity as well as early project management skills. The pupils start the challenge by drawing their ideas first and then building their solution, adapting their initial designs as they learn what works and what doesn’t!

The winners of the morning's challenge were Evan and Marshall with a bridge that fully met the brief of size and strength whilst being able to open.


20th February 2017

During the next 10 weeks we will be recapping all areas of mathematics. Below you can find a topic area for each week. Homework set during the week will mirror the topic of the week.


SATS questions on topic area as follows


Counting and Place value


Rounding and negative numbers


Roman numerals and number problem


Add and Subtract


Factors and multiples Primes and indices


Multiply and divide








Decimals and fractions and percentages


Mix of all above

In computer science, we have been writing algorithms to operate a set of traffic lights. First we worked out the sequence of a set of lights and then used code to control a Crumble (an easy-to-use programmable controller). The class were delighted when they were successful at completing the challenge.

Our completed algorithm and traffic lights

During the Autumn Term we were studying WW11- here is some of our work. Our underground tunnel used as an air raid shelter.

The children made their own Anderson shelters as part of our WW2 project.  Here are some of them that are displayed in the corridor.

Class 4 collaborated on a poem about Dunkirk.


This week in English we have been learning about personification, then as a whole class we produced a poem about a candle. Hope you enjoy it.

The Candle by Class 4

In maths, we have studied the nets of 3D shapes; who knew maths could be so much fun! I had to beg the children to go for a break.

 This week we have been looking at Charles Darwin's theory of Natural Selection. We had a visit to Tring Natural History museum, where we examined a selection of animals.

The displays at the museum.

Class 4 enjoyed learning about the strange ways animals have adapted to survive attacks from predators. A possum that plays dead and a horny- lizard that squirts blood from its eyes.