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Eagles Yr 5/6

Welcome to the Eagles class webpage!


A huge welcome to all of our Eagles parents! Our main focus at the moment is making sure that all of the children are settling back in to life at Wymondley School. With such a disjointed last six months, we are currently putting a lot of work into ensuring that the children have positive mental health and that they are enjoying their time at school. Our curriculum guide below gives you more information on what the children will be learning about over the autumn term...

Please also make sure that you are checking your emails for current information and that your child is logged into their Google Classroom, as this will be our main platform for communication this year and will be where you will be able to find more details on remote learning as and when it is needed. Your child will also be able to contact me directly from Google Classroom (or parents can on their child's behalf). Parents are able to contact me through the school email address at for either an emailed response, or to arrange an outside socially distanced meeting at a time of mutual convenience. Please feel free to approach a member of the team for a conversation, from a safe distance, at pick up time or to pass on any information at drop off time.


For information on Home Learning or Remote Learning please click here.


As the term progresses, the children's learning will be added below for you to enjoy and discuss with your children at home...

Our Learning


As part of our Science unit 'Forces in Action' we carried out investigations into air resistance and water resistance. In both sets of investigations, we tried to use a fair testing approach by only changing one variable each time. We concluded that the larger the surface area of an object, the more air and water resistance will act on it.

Eagles Class

To start the new school year in Eagles, we worked as a class to create our class mascot. It was made by forming a wire frame into the shape we wanted, covering this with Modroc and then painting it once dry. Meet Elvis the Eagle!

DT - Greek Cooking


To finish off the term, we carried out our DT unit on Greek food. First, we tasted existing products and completed a tasting profile. We then worked in groups to create a mezze platter to share which included some traditional Greek recipes, including tzatziki, pitta bread and Greek salad. Whilst cooking, we discussed where raw ingredients came from and tasted them (the oregano was very strong!). We also altered recipes to suit our tastes, such as adding more lemon, or less garlic. To finish, we enjoyed the food together and compared it to the shop bought products - most of us thought ours were better!


PGL 2022

K'Nex Challenge

This week, Years 4, 5 and 6 took part in the K'Nex Challenge which is run by STEMPoint across Hertfordshire. 


Our challenge was to build a bridge that would allow vehicles to cross a river. It also had to have a moving section to enable boats to travel along the river. 


Here's what we thought about the day:

"It was challenging and hard, but fun!"

"Even if your bridge didn't work, it was still fun and we got a certificate at the end."


Our winners in Eagles Class were Minny and William.Y - congratulations! Their design will go through to the finals against all the other schools that took part. 

Greek Day

As part of our learning about Ancient Greece, Hitchin Museum ran a workshop at school. Throughout the morning, we got to try on a Greek helmet, hold a sword and shield and create our own version of an ancient Greek Myth. The costumes we came in were also amazing and got us into character. We had a great day!


For our whole school learning linked to the books 'Wonder' for Eagles and 'We are all Wonders' for the rest of the school, Eagles class created their own wonder inspired art. We use images similar to those in the book and added words around that we would use to describe ourselves - those things that make us all unique and wonderful! 


As part of our harvest festival celebrations, Eagles Class learned about the Jewish festival 'Sukkot' and groups made a model sukkah.

British Schools Museum Trip

Our British School Museum trip was great fun! We took part in a Victorian lesson, toured the headmaster's house and learned more about schools in Victorian times. 

Some of our memories from last year...

Viking Day

RE Comics


In RE, we have been learning about Buddhism. We created these comic strips to show the origins of Buddhism.



As part of our learning about Harvest this year, we looked at the work of farmers in other countries and focussed on the use of bees in Nepal. We then created some artwork linked to this showing the things in our lives that we are grateful for.  



In Science, we learned about fossils and a scientist named Mary Anning. We created double page spreads to present our information.  

Maths - Angles


For our learning on angles, we went outside to find different types of angles and measure them. In another activity, we were allowed to draw on the table!! We measured these angles then found out about the properties of angles on a straight line, full turn and those opposite to each other. 

Science Week


During Science week, Eagles class carried out different activities to investigate forces such as gravity, air resistance and friction. We investigated how the surface area of a parachute affects how it falls and how friction makes activities easier or harder. We also took part in the STEMPOINT challenge to create an insect using only six pieces of paper!