We are pleased to announce that in-person school tours for prospective parents are taking place throughout the autumn term. Please contact the school office for further details.
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Monster Phonics

We teach phonics across the school through the 'Monster Phonics' schmeme and there are a number of ways that parents can learn more about this and find out how their child can be best supported on their phonics journey below.

  • Monster Phonics Parents Facebook Group - This new group helps parents provides ideas, advice and resources for parents. Here we can answer any questions that your parents might have. We will also schedule Parent Webinars here too. We look forward to welcoming your parents. Please click here for more information.
  • Parent Login - We are to creating a parent login specific to each Monster Phonics School. Please reply 'yes Parent Login' is you would like a bespoke parent login for your school. 
  • Link to Monster Phonics from Your School Website - To help parents easily access resources, please share the link on your school website. Click here to download our Monster Phonics badge. 
  • Parent Webinars - The free webinars are a chance for your parents to learn more about the programme from teachers at other schools who use the programme. Please click here for more information.