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Meet our team of school governors...


Co-Chair of Governors    Meghan Brown

& Parent Governor



Co-Chair of Governors      Tom Watts

& Parent Governor



Vice Chair &                         Alison Joy

Parent Governor



Headteacher               Tony Plunkett

I am very proud of our happy and welcoming school and school community. In my spare time, I enjoy playing golf and football and supporting Tottenham Hotspur. I am a very approachable person and I welcome questions and conversations from all members of our school community. I can usually be found standing at the school gate each morning and afternoon, welcoming everyone in and out, regardless of the weather conditions!

LEA Governor            Sheena Kitchener


Staff Governor     Claire Burningham


Co-opted Governor           Harry Harvey

I have been a governor at Wymondley since April 2017. I am currently Chair of the resources committee. I live in Hitchin and work as a commercial solicitor at a company based in Covent Garden. I grew up in the local area and joined the school as a governor as I was keen to play a more active part in the community. It is always a privilege to visit Wymondley and to see what the children are learning on any given day. and I welcome all comments from our school community.

Co-opted Governor       Emma Kiddle

I am really pleased to have joined the governors of Wymondley and to also be a member of the Teaching and Learning Committee. I live in Hitchin with my husband and young son. I have worked in communications and marketing for many years, most recently at organisations providing housing and at a charity supporting children and their families. I am enjoying getting to know everyone at Wymondley and I hope I can use my experiences from work and home to help our school community.

Co-opted Governor   Barry Burningham


Co-opted Governor          Brian Liddle


Co-opted Governor                Geoff Pick


Parent Governor 


Clerk to the Governors          Tina Taylor



There are up to twelve members of the school governing body, some elected, some appointed. Their responsibilities include setting the annual budget, maintaining the site and buildings, agreeing general policies and strategic planning. Their responsibilities do not include the internal organisation and day to day running of the school, which is the responsibility of the Headteacher, although he is fully supported in this role by the governors.

The governing body meets at least once a term. There are two sub-committees of the governing body that meet on a regular basis according to need.  These are the Resources (which includes Finance and HR) and Teaching & Learning Committees.  By working in partnership with the Headteacher, staff, parents and the Local Education Authority, the School Governors help to ensure that Wymondley School provides the right learning environment for our pupils. The term of office for all governors is four years, with the exception of the Headteacher. A copy of our Instrument of Government is attached below.

Governor attendance at meetings for academic year 2020-2021


























        30.09.20 27.01.21 24.03.21      
Meghan Brown

Parent (Co-Chair)

    Y Y Y      
Tom Watts Parent (Co-Chair)     Y Y Y      
Alison Joy

Parent (Vice Chair)

    Y Y Y      
Tony Plunkett Staff (Headteacher)     Y Y Y      
Claire Burningham Staff     Y Y Y      
Harry Harvey Co-opted     Y Y Y      
Emma Kiddle Co-opted     Y Y Y      
Sheena Kitchener LEA     Y Y Y      
Barry Burningham Co-opted     N/A Y Y      
Brian Liddle Co-opted     N/A N/A Y      
Geoff Pick Co-opted     N/A N/A Y      
Parent governor vacancy Parent     N/A N/A N/A      


Governor Declarations 2020-2021


Governor                     Declaration of Business Interests

Read and familiar with

Keeping Children Safe in Education

and school Child Protection policy

Meghan Brown None Yes
Claire Burningham None Yes
Harry Harvey News UK employee Yes
Alison Joy None Yes
Emma Kiddle Settle Group employee  
Sheena Kitchener None Yes
Tony Plunkett None Yes
Tom Watts Ordinance Survey employee Yes
Geoff Pick Awaiting - Joined spring term Awaiting - Joined spring term
Brian Liddle Awaiting - Joined spring term Awaiting - Joined spring term
Barry Burningham Awaiting - Joined spring term Awaiting - Joined spring term


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