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Newsletter - 24th February 2023

Reflections on the week at school...


Good afternoon Parents and Carers,


Kindness is our value for February and I was able to see a great deal of it this week in our school. Pancakes were a theme for many classes this week, both in terms of children making their own pancakes and through the learning that took place by linking this experience to other areas of the curriculum. This involved a number of different subjects like English, where children created and then recorded their own sets of instructions, Maths, where they recorded their results in different formats, and Computing through the use of pictograms and charts.


While the children were on these learning journeys, they were bouncing ideas off of each other and building on each other's suggestions. Pairs and groups were happily supporting children in other groups with ideas and reminders of what they needed to do next. They were complimenting each other, talking about how well someone had or would carry out different jobs as part of the process. When it came to the actual making of the pancakes, children were taking it in turns, sharing the job of whisking, mixing and pouring and it is fair to say that they all shared in the experience of tasting the finished products with their various toppings!


A lot of learning took place, but there was a lot of kindness on show as well and making any learning enjoyable means that there will be even more excitement and energy for whatever comes next!


I wish you all a relaxing and enjoyable weekend ahead and if you do happen to get a little peckish over the weekend, I hear from all parts of the school that a pancake with chocolate spread should hit the spot nicely!


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I wish you all a relaxing and enjoyable weekend ahead!