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Newsletter - Friday 12th May

Reflections on the Week...


Good afternoon Parents and Carers,


With our May value of acceptance, made up of tolerance and equality, in mind it was fantastic seeing so many people from our school community, including children, staff, parents and family members, joining together on the school field for our Coronation Celebration last Friday afternoon. Being together as a school community is a special time. It allows children time to talk and play together in the real world, with fresh air and actual people, instead of accessing the world through a screen! It allows parents the time to catch up with other parents that they maybe haven't seen for a while and gives time for staff and parents to meet together and get to know each other in a social situation outside of the classroom. I personally enjoyed seeing so many people talking, laughing, smiling and spending time together in the field. Although best of all, we defied the weather forecast as the thunder and rain did not arrive! I am looking forward to the next gathering, whenever that may be, especially as the summer begins to arrive (even though the gathering dark clouds on this Friday afternoon suggest otherwise!).


Acceptance is also key to the other event that took place this week, which was our Year 6 taking their SAT's. We accepted all of you a long, long time ago for the fantastic individuals that you all are (I still remember seeing many of you in Reception all those many years ago!). You are all amazing individuals in your own right and none of you will ever be defined by a test paper. Your strengths lie in your character and you each have different ones (which is exactly as it should be) and no test can ever measure those, but we see them each and every day and have done since you started Reception seven years ago. We have watched as you have grown into the talented individuals we see before us today and we are all very proud of who you all are and you should be too!


I wish you all a relaxing weekend ahead, or maybe a weekend full of Eurovision partying!


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