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Wymondley News 09.12.2022

Reflections on the week at school...


It must be something about this time of year, or something about our school and the community that exists here, but after the week we have just had the overwhelming theme once again is that strong sense of community. However, as I can't use community as the focus for our newsletter again, I will instead go for courage.


You don't need me to remind you about the challenges of the last few years, but it did make me think when I realised that we have just held our first full nativity play since 2019. (For anyone still working that one out, that was three years ago!) This means that our current Year 2 children have never seen a nativity play with a full audience. Let that one sink in. Of course that also means that neither have our Year 1's or our Reception children ever seen a nativity of any kind at this school. Normally with nativity plays here, children start that journey in Reception where they get to see the size of the audience watching. As they move into Year 1 they know what's coming and cope well with a few lines to say. Fast forward to Year 2 and by that point they've seen it twice before so the lines come easily, as well as a little acting and dancing. The whole experience builds year on year and in the main, the system works. It still takes a lot of courage to stand on that stage... in front of all of those people... remembering your lines... being in the right place at the right time and being loud enough to hear. In 2022, when nobody had performed to that size of audience, it took immense courage and they did it so well! I thoroughly enjoyed watching the performance and I am sure that everyone who was present for either of the performances did as well. In any normal year I would be telling you how well they did, but in the context of this year, they did superbly well!


So much was missed by so many over the past three years and we are continuing to catch up with lost experiences, lost learning, lost opportunities and this will continue for quite some time to come. Seeing decorations day last week and the nativity play this week, it is very clear that all of you are making up for lost time as well. I have seen many of you getting to know other parents, their children and grandparents (by the way, it was fantastic to see so many grandparents and family members at both of these events - we have missed you!). I have watched as you have taken up the opportunity to find out more about how the classroom and school work. For some, maybe many of you, that takes courage too.


It took courage for our footballers to take to the field on Monday afternoon and for our netballers to take to the court on Tuesday afternoon, especially for those in both sports who had not represented our school before. Stepping into a team for the first time, when representing your school and carrying that responsibility takes courage. There are of course many other acts of courage that take place every day at school, whether through working with one of your classmates who you don't normally work with, approaching someone new at break or lunchtime, or striking up a conversation with someone new while you are eating at lunchtime and these things are happening all of the time.


I would like to say a huge well done to every child who has shown courage in some way this week. It's a big thing to do and you should be proud of yourself!


Taking some time with your child over the weekend to find out how they have been courageous this week and how they could be courageous next week would be time well spent. Peacocks and Eagles will have their turn to take to the stage at 5 pm on Thursday next week. There will be some who will be nervous. (It will be the first Carols at Wymondley in three years!) Of course, it isn't the done thing to admit to being nervous when you are older and children may offer other reasons for not wanting to take part. With encouragement and an understanding that standing in front of a packed hall is a tough thing to do, every child can gain the courage they need to take part.


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