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Wymondley News 13th January 2023

Reflections on the week at school...


Following the short week last week, this week has seen all of our children returning to their first full week of 2023 and I think it is fair to say that many children looked visibly tired today. Of course this is fully understandable as the Christmas break doesn't really give the opportunity for any kind of break for children. There is an adrenaline fuelled run up to Christmas Eve, the excitement of Christmas Day, the busyness of playing with new toys and games, alongside the gatherings of family and friends. This period of time is usually accompanied by eating different foods to normal at different times to normal and bedtimes tend to vary hugely as well. The break and time for rest and relaxation doesn't really feature for children at Christmas. The routine and structure that they had in the middle of December has, for many, temporarily changed as well.


The value of a structured routine for a child should never be underestimated, it is how a school day works and this in turn impacts on what happens at home. I am sure you all have your own morning routines for school mornings with timings to match and at the end of the school day, a time for reading and a timeframe for dinner, bath and bed.


Children need this structure. They may complain about it from time to time, but the vast majority thrive on regular routine and after the Christmas break many children's timetables need resetting. Convincing a child to go to sleep when they are used to being up later and are not really that tired is not easy, in fact it can be very challenging. But perseverance is the key. Hopefully the end of the first full week back at school will result in tired children for you all, making it easier for the mid-December bedtime routines to return.


By the way, our new club timetable is attached with this newsletter for activities which begin next week. Please sign up for choir and after school clubs via the Arbor App. Lunchtime

clubs are coordinated in school and no booking is required. However if your child would like to attend multi sports on Mondays or Wednesdays then they will need to have change of clothes and footwear at school.


I wish you all a relaxing and enjoyable weekend ahead!


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