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Wymondley News 27th January 2023

Reflections on the week at school...


Good afternoon Parents and Carers,


Our value for this month is Justice and our peer mediators have been carrying out their new role over break and lunchtimes this week trying to ensure that a strong sense of justice exists on the playground. It is interesting that the values that our school community identified which underpin justice are reflection and empathy. These are the values that our peer mediators are helping younger children in the school community to develop. The conversations that I have heard taking place, and those that have been reported back to me, are of empathetic Year 5 and 6 children listening to issues being raised and encouraging children to reflect on what has happened. The process has often begun with a child perceiving a specific miscarriage of justice and ended with a very different perception. Importantly, the process of talking their problem through with the peer mediators also allows the children the time to reflect on what has happened and usually to find a way forward. A big well done to all of our Peer Mediators for taking on this responsibility in the way that they have and for putting in so much effort into this.


With the first teaching strike coming on Wednesday and this school closing to most children, justice also features heavily. Justice for this school, and all schools, to be adequately funded to ensure that your child continues to receive a high standard of schooling and education, to ensure that we can continue to offer a range of opportunities and experiences for all children, to ensure that we have sufficient staff employed in the school and to ensure that we have access to a range of professionals to fully meet the need of all children.


I wish you all a relaxing and enjoyable weekend ahead!


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