Please contact the school office for enquiries regarding school provision for vulnerable children and children of critical workers, as well as remote learning enquiries. We wish you and your families good health.
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Payments via the Arbor App

Parents can log into our parent portal (Arbor) where they are able to view the information we hold on their children including their current school attendance, receive school communications and make payments for school meals as well as Breaktime Cafe for pupils in Peacocks and Eagles. The app can also be used to book parent consultations, after school clubs as well as school trips. Once booked, these will also show up in the app as a handy reminder to you.

To log in go to and click the 'first time logging in?' link.

Add in the email address which the school uses to contact you.

Please note that on first time logging into the parent portal this will need to be undertaken on a desktop computer or laptop, using Chrome as web browser.
After this the Arbor App that is available to download through the App Store or Google Play depending on the device being used.

To top up accounts parents should scroll down to Accounts and click on Top Up.

Once your account has been topped up, this single amount will be used for both school meals and Breaktime Cafe and funds will be deducted from that one account each time your child has either a school meal or a Breaktime Cafe snack.

A support document is available from the School Office which may help you with any queries; however, if you have any questions or need any help with this please let us know.