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Positive Mental Health

Positive Mental Health

We firmly believe here at Wymondley that is very important to ensure that we do all that we can to ensure that everybody has positive mental health. This is reflected in our Catch-Up Strategy which can be accessed by clicking here.


Mental Health Week

This week, 10th - 14th May 2021, is Mental Health Awareness Week and with this in mind we hope the following website links will prove useful to you, your child and your family and there is no better place to start than highlighting to you how important connecting with nature is in improving your mental health. For more information on this please click here and to see it in action with a video of our own nesting birds on the school playground as their chicks hatched on Sunday 10th May please click here.


Books and reading materials can also be really beneficial in developing positive mental health and you can access a list of books for adults by clicking here. The same is also true for children and you can see a list of wellbeing books for children that are available at your local library by clicking here. To add to this there are still a range of mental health materials available from the Children’s Mental Health week in February which you can access by clicking here.


Below there are a number of different website links that will direct you to a range of Mental Health support and resources that you might find useful...

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