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Our science curriculum inspires and motivates our children by giving them opportunities to work like scientists. Children will build scientific knowledge and develop a sense of curiosity to investigate and deepen their understanding of how the physical world works. Our children are encouraged to ask questions, select appropriate ways to answer them, experiment, make observations, reflect and have the resilience to make and learn from their mistakes in a safe environment. This empowers our children to obtain and apply fundamental skills that will equip them for an ever changing world.



Coverage through Science curriculum & extra-curricular:

  •  Class teachers ensure that every pupil receives high quality science teaching.
  •  A whole school science overview is followed by all classes in order to ensure that the national curriculum is covered thoroughly and systematically throughout the primary school journey and that knowledge and understanding that has been acquired in previous year groups is deepened and built upon in subsequent ones.
  • The Plan Bee schemes of work and resources are used by all class teachers and adjusted as required, to ensure that Science is as engaging and enjoyable for every child as possible.  
  • A pizza garden has been set up for KS1 to support children’s understanding of how food grows from a seed to the plate. This knowledge will be built  upon throughout their journey through Key Stage 2 with opportunities for hands-on experiences within the school gardens.  
  • Termly forest school visits to the woods provide opportunities for science learning in the natural environment.
  • Partnerships have been established with MBDA allowing some of our pupils to interact with their science experts through science competitions.
  • Science Week takes place every March to inspire our pupils to engage more deeply with science and raise the profile of the subject.



At the end of each topic, each child takes an end of unit quiz which gives teachers a summative indication of their knowledge and understanding. However, we use a system of formative assessment throughout each lesson, as this not only enables our teachers to find any gaps in the children’s understanding and therefore provide support, but this system regularly enables our teachers to find opportunities to challenge our children even further.

For monitoring of assessment data, we then use our internal tracking system to input the level of attainment of each child, which is a teacher's judgement based on National Curriculum expectations. This data is stored and reviewed regularly to help teachers review their progress.

Science at Wymondley is taught through the following content...


Year 1/2Year 3/4Year 5/6
Cycle A

Animals including Humans







Solids, liquids and gases (states of Matter)

Rocks, Fossils and Soils

Forces and Magnets

Light and Shadow

Investigating Plants

Scientist Study

Light and Electricity

Living things and their habitats

Properties and Changes of Materials





Cycle B

Use of Everyday Materials 

Seasonal Changes

Living Things and their Habitats

Animals including Humans


Animals including humans

Teeth and Digestion



Living Things and their Habitats


Evolution and inheritance - Y6


Materials investigation

Earth and Space


Animals including humans (humans & health, human life cycles)


Science Library








Theme Events

At Wymondley we supplement our curriculum delivery by providing children with further opportunities to work scientifically and carry out experiments developing even further their excitement for and love of science. Through a mix of theme days and assemblies, we hope to inspire all children and, in particular girls, in a subject and possibly towards a career that is traditionally male dominated. (Women make up 24% of the STEM workforce - WomeninSTEM:2021)


Through this content, the children learn and develop the following skills...

Science in Action at Wymondley...