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Toucans Year 1/2

Welcome to the Toucan Class Bumble Page!

Check in everyday to see what Bumble Bear has been up to during his home schooling.

Maybe you could send us some photos of your home learning too!

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Cress Diary

Look what has happened to the cress seeds!

Can you see the leaves and stems?

Can you spot any roots?

Picture 1

Thursday 2nd April


Bumble woke up a little grumpy today…. but a yummy breakfast and some exercise helped changed his mood! (Think he is ready for the Easter break!) After a little TV he started work on some English – incorporating Geography. He did the challenge sticker about a country.  First had had to decide which country, he studied an atlas and went on google earth to help him make up his mind.  He went for Botswana and created a wonderful fact sheet.  He really enjoyed this activity and recommends this sticker if you haven’t done it yet!  Did you know that Botswana is the best place to see meerkats in the wild.  

After a snack and quick break Bumble had a go at drawing arrays for maths.  He needed a little reminder to say ‘groups of’ when he read the ‘x’ sign, so that it was easier for him to draw the arrays in his book. 

eg: 2x4 – two groups of four

In the afternoon he spent a little time finishing off his fact sheet about Botswana by adding pictures to match his facts.  He then whizzed through his phonics flash cards. The day ending with a bit of craft time.  Seeing as its nearly the Easter holidays Bumble got creative with some Easter crafts.


Bumble’s Daily Challenge: Easter Crafts


Have a go at creating some Easter crafts of your own. If you are happy for your creations to go on the website please send Bumble your photos.  In order for it to be uploaded on the website you must state in your email that you are happy for it to be placed online. Bumble would love to see what you can create.

Wednesday 1st April 


As it was cold this morning Bumble opted to do Cosmic Yoga to start the day.  This was followed by some maths.  He started off with Doodle Maths followed by the challenge sticker about making 20.

After a snack and a break, it was time to settle down to some English.  In his book Bumble decided he wanted to do an alphabet challenge.  He thought of 3 nouns for every letter of the alphabet. With a bit of time left before lunch Bumble read quietly to himself. He then got quizzed on the article he had read.  

After lunch he went on Phonics Play and did the car speed trails (phase 5 sounds).  To end the day he did a science challenge label where he had to draw and label a flower.  He researched all about what flowers and plants need to grow. He wrote down in his book all the things he found out. 

Don’t forget you could take a photo of your work and email Bumble, so he can see what you have been up to. He has received some lovely photos and is really impressed with the hard work everyone is doing at home.  Keep up the good work.



Bumble’s Daily Challenge: See if you can think of a noun for each letter of the alphabet.

Bumble - Tuesday 31thMarch 


Sticking to the timetable the day started with some exercise. Bumble is really enjoying this part of the day.  Then it was time for maths.  He wasn’t feeling up to writing, so rather than battling we had a hands on maths session all about shape.  Bumble was given the name of a shape and he had to go searching the house for 5 things that shape.  Before he was told the next shape, he had to go put all the items back! Take a look at the photos can you name all the shapes he had to hunt for?

After a break and a snack Bumble did an English sticker challenge – about verbs.  He couldn’t think of one for x – if you do please let him know!  He then read some of his books to himself quietly.

After lunch it was phonics time and he thought about the ‘or ’ sound spelt ‘aw’ or ‘au’.  For the rest of the day he enjoyed some time to play.  He did a puzzle, played Lego and watched a bit of TV.


Bumble’s Daily Challenge: Shape Hunt

Why not try a shape hunt in your home? Try find items of the following shapes; sphere, cylinder, cuboid, and cube.



Bumble - Monday 30thMarch 


Bumble is looking forward to another week of home school! This week a little more structure has been put in place for Bumble.  His timetable is in the photos if you need some help structuring your days!  


After breakfast Bumble went out into the garden for some fresh air…. It was freezing!!  He enjoyed bouncing on the trampoline and running around to warm up.  Next, he settled down to some maths.  He started off with a maths challenge sticker.  He thought hard about all the ways he could make £1 and £2. He picked this sticker as he received an email, with a photo from someone who had given this a go and Bumble thought it looked fun!  I think having the ‘Tuck Shop’ up and running also really helped with this challenge! He then completed some sums that were written into his book…finding the missing number.  He wrote some sums for his grown up have a go at… he liked marking their work and explaining where they had gone wrong!


Following a snack and a short break Bumble settled down to some English.  He read aloud to an adult then completed a challenge sticker and wrote a story about space.  


After lunch and a break Bumble played Obb and Bob on Phonics Play.  In the afternoon he opted for French…Miss Linnert would be proud…he remembered his colours and animals. 


Bumble’s Daily Challenge: French colours and animals


In your book have a go at drawing, colouring and labelling your own animals in French.

Cress Diary

Mrs Pearson put the cress seeds on the windowsill in the sunshine and watered them everyday.

What has happened to them?

Which parts can you see starting to grow?

Picture 1

Bumble – Weekend News


Bumble has had a very chilled out weekend.  He has had a chance to play with some of his toys, watch TV, and amongst other things gone on the x-box.  He coloured in rainbows for his window so that children out walking could spot them.  He dressed up and helped cook dinner.  His most enjoyable activity was a great big bubble bath! 


Hope you have all had a lovely weekend.  Perhaps your writing activity for Monday could be your weekend news! Just like we normally do on a Monday morning.  You could take a photo of your work and email Bumble, so he can see what you have been up to. 


Bumble - Friday 27thMarch


Joe Wicks PE lesson online started the day.  Bumble was feeling quite sleepy but a bit of exercise refreshed him!  Think he was a bit sleepy because she stayed up late to clap for all the amazing NHS staff last night!  First Bumble decide to do the challenge sticker about his favourite game or sport. His handwriting was beautiful and he hopes his work in his book might earn him his pen license.  He then played snap with Basil Bear!  Despite not winning he was still happy to play.  

After lunch Basil and Bumble made some cupcakes.  They then enjoyed watching Alphablocks and doing some colouring together.  They went out in the garden and did some measuring, the longest leaf they found was 18cm.  Why not see if you can find in a longer leaf your garden?  At the end of the ‘school’ day they did some Cosmic Kids Yoga – Pokemon which you can find on YouTube.

Enjoy the weekend and check back on Monday to see what Bumble gets up to. Don’t forget you can email Bumble,   to let him know what you have been doing.  He was emailed some lovely artwork today.


Bumble’s Daily Challenge: Dream Cupcake


In your book draw your dream cupcake.  Can you write a few sentences describing what is in it. Bumble would definitely include strawberries!

Bumble - Thursday 26th March


After a long walk in the sunshine Bumble settled down to do a challenge sticker all about days of the weeks and months of the year. He also drew pictures of each season.  Maths time next and he used his number cards and made an additional card for the greater than / less than symbol (< >).  He then played a game.  He had to choose 2 numbers, then place the symbol correctly between them. He found saying the number sentence quite tricky!  

In the afternoon he read on Bug Club and treated everyone to some piano playing and singing! After a short performance he was asked to stop and get on with some handwriting.  He wrote a line of each letter of the alphabet. Why not have a go at this tomorrow? After that he did a phonics challenge sticker.  Finally, he did an emoji nursery rhyme quiz…which is in the photos below.  How many can you guess? 


Don’t forget to email Bumble   so that he can see what you have been up to. He was delighted so see some amazing work today including a music video and an internet safety poster.  Keep up the good work everyone!


Bumble’s Daily Challenge:More than / Less than


In your book could you write some more than or less than number setences.  For an extra challenge these could be sums 


eg.  4 + 7 < 15 - 2

Bumble - Wednesday 25thMarch


The morning started with Just Dance – his favourite dance was Eye of the Tiger!  He then completed the verb challenge sticker followed by some phonics work.  He went searching for different items starting with the sound ‘P’. Bumble then thought of names starting with ‘P’ and verbs, just like we did at school last week! He then used one of each ‘P’ word to create his own sentences to make a silly tongue twister poem.  

After lunch he read to a grown up and went on Doodle Maths and Spelling Shed. There was even time in the day to start some Easter cards ready to post to family.  Why don’t you do make some cards tomorrow?

Don’t forget to email Bumble,   so that he can see what you have been up to.


Bumble’s Daily Challenge: Sound hunt and poem


Choose a letter and create your own silly tongue twister poem in your book. For an extra challenge you could draw a picture.


Cress Diary

Mrs Pearson scattered some cress seeds onto a piece of wet kitchen towel to see if they would grow.

What do you think will happen?

What else will the seeds need to help them grow?

Where would be a good place to put them?

Picture 1

Bumble - Tuesday 24th March


The day started with a nice long walk and fresh air. Bumble enjoyed playing hide and seek! He then spent a bit of time reading some of his favourite books with a snack.  However, after snacking non-stop yesterday a new ‘Tuck Shop’ system is now in place…. a great opportunity to get maths into the day!  Bumble has been getting used to the different coins and has had to think hard about what to spend his £1 on.  Plus, with a Tuck Shop, we might still have food left by Friday!  In the afternoon Bumble did a maths challenge sticker, writing his numbers from 1 - 100.  He also made himself some number cards and was challenged to sort them in different ways.  Check back tomorrow to see what Bumble gets up to. You can email Bumble,  so that he can see what you have been up to.


Bumble’s Daily Challenge: Tuck Shop Challenge


In your book write a list of what you would spend your £1 on. Bumble spent 90p what do you think he bought?  

For an extra challenge draw a picture of each item.


Bumble - Monday 23rdMarch


It’s Bumbles first day of being home schooled.  The day started with PE, thanks to YouTube and Joe Wickes who is doing daily PE lessons.  This was followed by decorating his book and writing an acrostic poem all about himself.  After lunch, he spent time reading on Bug Club and a doing a bit of Doodle Maths.  He hopes you have all enjoyed your first day at home too. Check back tomorrow to see what Bumble gets up to.

Welcome to the Toucan Class Web Page


Welcome to the Toucan Class web page. Through clicking on the tabs below you will find a copy of our latest curriculum guide so that you know what your child is learning about this term, a handy reminder of what your child needs for each day so that you can help them to be as prepared as they can be and a Home Learning tab for you to know what learning is expected to be carried out at home.


The class team this year are Mrs Burrows, Mrs Adams and Mrs Burningham. Each morning as you drop your child off at the rear door to the school, a member of staff will be on the door to briefly answer any general questions you have or to pass a message on to the class team for them to either discuss the issue with you at the end of the school day or make a mutually convenient appointment for a longer discussion if needed. 


We will be taking part in a wide variety of learning activities throughout the school year and we will do our very best to add photos and write-ups of all of these wonderful experiences below so that you can enjoy sharing in your child's learning...

DT Mazes

In DT the children have enjoyed creating their own transport maze.  First, they had to come up with 3 different designs they could use.  They had some wonderful ideas, such as a spaceship travelling to the moon, a ship sailing to a desert island and a bus travelling to school.  Next, they had to choose which idea they wanted to make.  Finally, we made the maze and with the power of magnets were able to play with them! The children also had to evaluate their final product. Giving their final product a score out of 10 and suggesting ways in which it could be improved.

Remembrance Day Art

Remembrance Day Art 1
Remembrance Day Art 2
Remembrance Day Art 3
Remembrance Day Art 4
Remembrance Day Art 5

Circus Day

We had a great Circus Day.  It started with creating bow ties to wear with our tie dye t-shirts we had made earlier in the term. Then we were treated to balloon modelling.  The afternoon finished with us getting to share, with our parents, our circus skills and music we have been learning this term. We even had popcorn!

Read on to find out more about our amazing learning experiences this year...
We were very lucky to have Mr Gibson from Affinity Water to visit. We learnt how the water cycle works, where tap water comes from, what we should flush down the toilet and how we can save water. We had great fun!

Wonderful Water Workshop

Wonderful Water Workshop 1 Sea water is collected and salt left behind
Wonderful Water Workshop 2 The wind blows the clouds
Wonderful Water Workshop 3 Fresh water falls into our rivers
Wonderful Water Workshop 4 An experiment to show what we should flush away
Wonderful Water Workshop 5
Wonderful Water Workshop 6 We cleaned water!