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Toucans Year 1/2

Welcome to the Toucan Class web page


Welcome to the Toucan Class web page. Through clicking on the tabs below you will find a copy of our latest curriculum guide so that you know what your child is learning about this term, a handy reminder of what your child needs for each day so that you can help them to be as prepared as they can be and a Home Learning tab for you to know what learning is expected to be carried out at home.


The class team this year are Mrs Burrows, Mrs Adams and Mrs Burningham. Each morning as you drop your child off at the rear door to the school, a member of staff will be on the door to briefly answer any general questions you have or to pass a message on to the class team for them to either discuss the issue with you at the end of the school day or make a mutually convenient appointment for a longer discussion if needed. 


We will be taking part in a wide variety of learning activities throughout the school year and we will do our very best to add photos and write-ups of all of these wonderful experiences below so that you can enjoy sharing in your child's learning...

Read on to find out more about our amazing learning experiences this year...

Sports Day Recounts

Science Day

We had a great day filled with excitement! First, we learnt about pearls and how they form.  Each child was then given their own oyster to open and see if it had a pearl inside!  We then made pirate boats to race down a 'river'.  The afternoon ended with slime making!

It was a fun day with lots of hands on learning.

Pirate Art


We have been learning about a famous French scientist called Louis Pastuer.  

We discussed germs and why washing our hands is so important, even when they don't look dirty!  We did an experiment showing how easy it is for germs to spread with a little "glitter" to make the  germs visible!



This week our learning has been linked to toucans.  We have found out lots of facts, created some beautiful artwork and created posters to help find Timmy – a lost toucan who has been spotted in the school grounds!




Our focus text has been ‘Why Elephant has a Trunk.’  First we mapped the story as a class.  Next we learnt the story, using the map.  We looked at the different features of the text.  Finally, we changed elements of the story and have written our own creation myths. 



This term we have had the opportunity to do lots of cooking and have made food from all the different counties we have been learning about. 



This week we have been learning about China.  We learnt about a typical school day in China and compared it to ours.  We found lots of similarities and some differences.  They start their day much earlier than us and they all take part in synchronised exercise during their morning break.  


We were fortunate enough to have a visitor who is a martial arts expert.  He told us a bit about the sport and we all got to have a go at some of the moves.  It was fantastic fun!



We have been learning about Mexico and comparing it to England.   We listened to some traditional music and learnt that traditionally in Mexico a wide brimmed hat, called a sombrero, is worn to protect people from the sun.  The word sombrero comes from the Spanish word ‘sombre’ meaning shade. 


We then designed and created our own sombreros in art.