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Toucans Yr 1/2

Welcome to the Toucans Class webpage!


A huge welcome to all of our Toucan parents! This term we are focusing on developing our independence within our lessons whilst continuing to build our love of learning. Our curriculum guide below gives you more information on what the children will be learning about over the Spring Term.

Please also make sure that you are checking your emails for current information and that your child is logged into their Google Classroom, as this will be our main platform for communication this year and will be where you will be able to find more details on remote learning as and when it is needed. Your child will also be able to contact me directly from Google Classroom (or parents can on their child's behalf). Parents are able to contact me through the school email address at for either an emailed response, or to arrange an outside socially distanced meeting at a time of mutual convenience. Please also feel free to approach a member of the team for a conversation, from a safe distance, at pick up time or to pass on any information at drop off time.


For information on Home Learning or Remote Learning please click here.


As the term progresses, the children's learning will be added below for you to enjoy and discuss with your children at home...

Pirates at Wymondley


Linked to our Geography topic on Great Britain, we had fun recreating scenes and buildings from London.

Gingerbread Men Seen in Toucans Classroom!

The children had a real shock when they arrived on what they thought was a regular Monday morning, only to find that gingerbread men had been spotted in their classroom on the CCTV cameras over the weekend! Click here to see the video footage for yourself! The mystery deepened further when notes started appearing around the school with clues for the children to follow...

Christmas Maths

We had lots of fun working in groups to make our own Christmas trees of different sizes. 

Whipsnade Zoo

To bring to life our topic on animals we visited Whipsnade Zoo where we got to see a range of birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians and insects. We found out about their diets, what climate they each originally come from and what they like to do. We also had time for some fun in the zoo play area!

Some of our memories from last year...

Wymondley Woods

We all had a fantastic time when we visited Wymondley Woods for the day! 

We had time to reconnect with friends, work together to build dens and play games, and even had a campfire with toasted marshmallows.

To see all the photos from our day please visit the Forest School page.

Maths Investigating

In Maths, we worked in pairs to investigate how many different arrays we could build using 20 cubes.

The Great Fire of London

Our main topic for this half term is The Great fire of London. To start off our topic we created our own collage of a fiery building, these will be put together to form a scene of the fiery streets of London.

We worked in pairs to make our own Tudor style houses similar to those destroyed in the Great Fire of London. We used cardboard boxes, black paper, straw and glue.

Earth Day

For Earth Day, we thought about what we could do to help our planet and we came up with three promises. 

We promised to help the wildlife in our school. So in our outdoor area, we planted some flowers that bees and butterflies like and made a log pile home for minibeasts.

We promised to turn off the lights and whiteboard when we don’t need them. So we made posters to remind us.


We promised to recycle more things. So we made flowers using things that would have normally been thrown away.