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Wymondley Youth Club

Youth Club at Wymondley will return for the summer term of 2023!


We are looking forward to welcoming back our previous Year 6 students, as well as our current Year 6, during the summer term of 2023 and further information regarding times and days will appear here at the end of the spring term.


We look forward to seeing you all then, to finding out how you are all getting on and seeing you all enjoy spending time reconnecting with each other in the school grounds where it all began.


Youth Club will take place on the school field and in the Life Learning Room. The side gate will be unlocked, so please make your way on to the playground and walk around the building to the Life Learning Room. You can attend whenever you are free to do so and you do not have to let us know beforehand, just come along on whichever weeks work for you. All we ask is that you bring a £1 donation along with you every time you come along to help pay for the snacks and drinks provided.


Mobile phones are allowed, but we ask that children do not take any photos or videos while on the school site.


We look forward to seeing you soon!