We are pleased to announce that in-person school tours for prospective parents are taking place throughout the autumn term. Please contact the school office for further details.
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We are passionate about reading and children’s literature at Wymondley School! All classes share a text every day and reading is a key part of each school day. As parents it is vital that you establish a reading culture at home too and make time for that all important bedtime story. All the years of research tells us that the children who do best in education have had a good foundation in talk and literature at home before the age of five.

Children get better at reading… by reading, by being read to and by discussing the things that they are reading in a relaxed and enjoyable conversation. There are many ways that we as a school help to encourage your child to want read and to find enjoyment from reading detailed below.

Please ask your child's class teacher if there’s anything that you would like to discuss about reading.


Shared Reading... Parents (or family members or a family friend if notified in advance as we fully appreciate that parents also have other commitments) of our Reception and Year 1 and 2 children (Puffins and Toucans) are invited to come and join us every Tuesday between 8:45-9:05am and every Thursday between 2:55-3:10pm to share a story with your child. The boost that a child can get from seeing their friends enjoying spending time reading with a family member cannot be underestimated, not to mention the quality time that they get to spend with a family member focused only on them and their book!


Online Platforms... We have tried to make home learning as accessible and enjoyable as possible for all, which is why alongside the physical book that your child brings home they also have access to Bug Club in Reception and Year 1 and 2 and Reading Eggs in Year 3,4,5 and 6. These are both digital platforms that can work around the busy lives that everyone leads these days. They are optimised to work on any screen, which means that whether you are enjoying a physical book at home or an online book while you are out and about there is always a way to include reading in your day.


Themed Days... We hold regular themed days throughout the school year, during which, children's learning is focused on a particular theme for the day and parents from all classes are invited to come and join us for the first hour of the day to take part in the learning activities with their child, which always proves to be a great morning! World Book Day is always celebrated and days such as Roald Dahl Day have featured in recent years as well.


Library Lessons... We take great pride in our school library and even greater pride is seeing it being well used by the children! We operate library lessons for our Reception and Year 1 and 2 children as part of the curriculum where they learn how to use the library and, most importantly of all, how to enjoy the great range of books that our library has!


Library Club... We make sure that children in Years 3,4,5 and 6 don't miss out by giving them the option of attending library club each week during their lunch hour. The club is well attended and enjoyed so much by some that they go on to take on the role of school librarian and keep the library in top condition ready to be enjoyed by everyone.


Reading Schemes... Children progress through colour book bands, with a wide selection of books which enables our children to have access to a rich and varied range of texts and authors during their time at our school. Our class reading books and our school library books are all updated regularly to make sure that they are appealing and enjoyable for all with a range of challenge to make sure that there is a book for everyone!


Parent Volunteers... We are always grateful to our parent volunteers who give up their time to come in and give children even more of that one-to-one reading experience, as every one of our children can never have too much time reading, talking and laughing about a book with an adult! 


Reading in and Around the Curriculum... As you can gather, reading is really important to us at Wymondley and as well as all of above, it features strongly throughout the curriculum as well, be that through a guided reading session or through investigating an authentic newspaper from WW2 as part of a History topic, reading is everywhere! 

Monster Phonics

Phonics is taught daily through an interactive multisensory phonics session, giving children opportunities to practise and apply new learning. We use the 'Monster Phonics' scheme across our school and there are a number of ways that parents can learn more about this and find out how their child can be best supported on their phonics journey below.