NEW OPENING TIME - From September 2024, the school gates will open at 08:40am and close at 08:45am. This is to bring the school into line with new DfE rules which state that the school week should be 32.5 hours
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Health and Safety School Inspection 2021


'Since the initial H&S Audit in 2016, which was indicated as ‘urgent action required’ under the previous Headteacher, it was indicated that there was every confidence with supportive Leadership that the Site Manager would put in place effective systems. Its clear that this is the case and the organisation and effectiveness of the Site Manager supported and managed by the current Head has meant that the school has outstanding H&S systems in place to manage H&S. Together they have really improved the school, and kept within the school’s budget, by being proportionate and sensibly prioritising risks ensuring excellent value for money. The school is almost unrecognisable from the H&S Officers initial visit/audit in 2016'

Wymondley JMI School Health and Safety Report, 2nd December 2021


We are incredibly proud that all of our hard work was recognised in our most recent school site Health and Safety inspection which took place on 2nd December 2021. On behalf of the governing body I would like to thank our Site Manager, Mr Dickens, for all of his hard work. We are all very proud of the school that we have which has come about through a shared focus and a shared vision across our school community over a period of years. We now look forward to building on these solid foundations in the years to come.