Please contact the school office for enquiries regarding school provision for vulnerable children and children of critical workers, as well as remote learning enquiries. We wish you and your families good health.
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Our Team

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Teaching Staff


Headteacher      Mr T  Plunkett

Assistant Headteacher

Senior Teacher


Miss K Chiddy

Mrs H Burrows


Puffins Class Teachers (Reception)

Mrs E  Chegwyn/Mrs K Harper
Toucans Class Teacher (Years 1 & 2) Mrs H Pearson
Peacocks Class Teachers (Years 3 & 4) Mrs G Potterton
Eagles Class Teacher (Years 5 & 6) Miss K Chiddy


SENCO Miss Chiddy
Autism Lead Miss Chiddy

Mental Health Lead

Child Looked After/Previously Looked After Lead

Mr Plunkett

Mr Plunkett


Administrative Staff


Office Manager  Mrs T Taylor
Office Admin  Miss P Jarman

Classroom Support Staff

Higher Level Teaching Assistant  Mrs C Burningham (Peacocks Class)
Teaching Assistants

 Mrs K Adams (Puffins Class)
 Miss Linnert (Eagles Class) 
 Mrs K Nowland (Peacocks Class)

 Ms G Kasumu-Croft (Toucans Class)


Music Teacher  Mrs T Johnson
Violin Teacher  Mrs R Woodin
Piano Teacher  Mrs C Payne
PE Teacher  Mr S Sinclair

Additional Staff Members


Site Manager

 Mr J Dickens
School Cook  Mrs T Maddox
Midday Supervisory Assistants

 Mrs S Bolter
 Mrs C Davis

 Mrs C Crowe

 Miss P Jarman


Cleaners  Mr J Dickens
   Mrs J Whelan