NEW OPENING TIME - From September 2024, the school gates will open at 08:40am and close at 08:45am. This is to bring the school into line with new DfE rules which state that the school week should be 32.5 hours
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Puffins - Year Reception

Welcome to Puffins Class!


Our intention... At Wymondley School, we believe that the Early Years Foundation Stage plays a crucial role in securing solid foundations that children will continue to build upon.  We believe that all children deserve to be valued as an individual and we are passionate in allowing all children to achieve their full, unique potential. We understand that children begin their learning journey from different starting points and are therefore working at different stages in their development. We believe that the Early Years Foundation Stage offers a truly unique opportunity to both celebrate and build upon this.  


At Wymondley our aim is to create a learning environment and build relationships which support, enhance and invite a child’s curiosity, confidence and individual competency to flourish regardless of backgrounds, circumstances or needs. We aim to work collaboratively with parents and carers to encourage independent, enthusiastic learners who thrive and reach their full potential. It is our intent that children who enter our EYFS begin their lifelong learning journey by developing physically, verbally, cognitively and emotionally whilst also embedding a positive attitude to school and a love of learning.


Click the following link for more information on our Intent, Implementation and Impact statement in Puffins EYFS.

Please also makes sure that you are checking your emails for current information and that you are logged into Tapestry, as this will be our main platform for communication this year and will be where you will be able to find more details on remote learning as and when it is needed. You will also be able to contact the teaching team directly from there with any individual issues. Please also feel free to approach a member of the team for a conversation, from a safe distance, at pick up time or to pass on any information at drop off time.


For information on The Hungry Little Minds initiative click Activities | Words for Life. For further information on  activities that you can do at home with your child as well as information about apps that are suitable for your child to use at home, please click here.


As the year progresses, the children's learning will be added below for you to enjoy and discuss with your children at home...

Welcome to Puffin's Classroom!

Puffin's Outside Area

Who stole the porridge? 

On Monday, the Puffins made some porridge. They went outside to play and let the porridge cool down and when they came back, the porridge was gone! Someone had stolen it!

They have their suspicions who it could be and to help with their ongoing investigations, they have created some 'Wanted' posters. Can you help at home? If you see anything suspicious, please can you report it immediately to PC Holmes or PC Maddox.

Pyjama Day

Well done Puffins for filling your jar with marbles, you can wear your pyjamas to school!

Leaf Man

Our Puffins pupils have made the most beautiful prints using leaves they found in nature, making their own leaf people inspired by the book 'Leaf Man'. They used autumnal paint colours and shared their leaf people very confidently in Friday's assembly.


Puffins class learnt some good cooking skills today by preparing the fruit for rhubarb crumble and cutting up and roasting some vegetables

Gingerbread Men

This week, Puffins made gingerbread men. We're not sure which bit they enjoyed most; making, decorating or eating them!