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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

The children had a wonderful today as we celebrated Chinese New Year, which will officially be taking place on Friday 16th February. Every child had the opportunity to create their very own Chinese New Year plate through using a selection of paints. We now have a wonderful selection of plates with a wide variety of colours and designs which will be on display in the library and down the main corridor. 

The fun then continued into the afternoon, as the children then took part in a traditional dragon dance, complete with music, parasols and of course a Chinese dragon!


Some thoughts on the day from children across the school: 

'It was good and nice!' - Class 1

'I really liked going in the dragon, I had to go in the head and walk without falling over' - Class 1

'I really liked the dragon, I was doing the umbrellas and I had to spin it around!' - Class 2

'When we made our paper dragons, because it was crafty' - Class 2

'When we were doing the dragon dance, because I was the head and I was the leader of the Chinese dragon' - Class 2

'Doing the Chinese dragon dance, because I was the body and I couldn't see where I was going' - Class 2

'I liked it when we painted the plate, because we got to colour the dragons and make our own patterns' - Class 3

'I really liked painting the Chinese plates, because it was really fun and we got to learn Chinese symbols' - Class 3

'I liked the plates best, because we got to develop our painting skills and decorate it in our own way!' - Class 4

'Painting the Chinese plates was the best thing because I love art!' - Class 4