NEW OPENING TIME - From September 2024, the school gates will open at 08:40am and close at 08:45am. This is to bring the school into line with new DfE rules which state that the school week should be 32.5 hours
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Science Day

Science Day at Wymondley

Science Day took place today with lots of exciting activities taking place across the school, although many of the class science activities lasted for the majority of the week.

Puffins week started with the release of the butterflies who, after spending the half term week in chrysalis, chose to emerge just as the children returned to school. Then just as the children said goodbye to the butterflies it was time to say hello to the chicks, with most emerging from their eggs on Thursday. The week in Puffins class was completed with a range of homemade experiments for all to enjoy.

Toucans spent the first part of Science Day figuring out how to break into their very own oyster shell. When they finally found a solution to the problem they were rewarded with their very own pearl! Making their own slime and sailing their own boats down a tin foil river completed the day.

Peacocks spent the day investigating flowers. They enjoyed drawing and dissecting their own flower and changing the colours of rose petals without touching them.

Eagles day involved investigating the different forces in action with pulleys and other mechanisms. All in all it was a very successful event, with all of the children having a lot of fun while learning even more about how wonderful science can be.